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epicepic2 adjective  1 ALSTORYan epic book, poem, or film tells a long story about brave actions and exciting events an epic tale of mutiny on the high seas epic poetry2 an epic event continues for a long time and involves brave or exciting actions his epic journey to South America3 BIGvery large and impressive He had produced a meal of epic proportions.
Examples from the Corpus
epicThe dinner they gave him ranks among the epic brawls which regularly give the brotherhood of socialist solidarity a bad name.As a life, it had the ingredients of a blockbuster romantic novel or epic costume film.There is a boy of about the same age in Kanal, Andrzej Wajda's epic film of the Warsaw uprising.What they added was a sense of grandeur - they took blues licks and put them on a epic scale.Brecht later worked out of this mould in his different epic theatre.The rest of the country is missing an epic work.of epic proportionsThe country is facing a famine of epic proportions.For a team that ranks in the bottom third in caring for the ball, this was a triumph of epic proportions.