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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfloridflor‧id /ˈflɒrɪd $ ˈflɔː-, ˈflɑː-/ adjective literary  1 CCBODYa florid face is red in colour a middle-aged man with a florid complexion2 ALSIMPLE/PLAIN#florid language, music, or art has a lot of extra unnecessary details or decorations a book written in a very florid style
Examples from the Corpus
floridWe count the florid banknotes and hand them over across the desk.florid cheeksAlexei Volkov had the unkempt beard, florid complexion, and wild eyes of a survivalist.But for all his jaundiced egoism and florid cynicism, Rice is not a bad man.He was a handsome person in his florid, full-fed way, ruddy and brown-haired and aware of his consequence.A darkly florid officer with black moustache walked briskly through the debris, gazing round as though looking for some one.From the flute is eminently suited to quiet melodic work, florid or otherwise.I hope he will find time to read it and provide a florid quotation for the dustjacket.a florid romance novelYou get upset in the most florid ways, the most extreme hyperbole.