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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinstalmentin‧stal‧ment (also installment American English) /ɪnˈstɔːlmənt $ ɪnˈstɒːl-/ noun [countable]  1 BBTone of a series of regular payments that you make until you have paid all the money you owe the second instalment of a loan They’re letting me pay for the washing machine by monthly instalments.2 ALTCNone of the parts of a story that appears as a series of parts, especially in a magazine, newspaper etc the first instalment of a science fiction trilogy
Examples from the Corpus
instalmentCharge payers are therefore given at least two opportunities to pay their community charge instalment.As opposed to writing: Dickens, of course, completed the last double instalment of Martin Chuzzlewit in the middle of June 1844.You can pay me in instalments if you can't afford to give me all the money back in one go.Tight-fisted Lloyds spotted she had slipped into the red when it came to pay her £41.62 mortgage instalment.After a bottle of wine, Flora talked about her second divorce, continuing the next instalment of the afternoon serial.However, the United States did agree to using the next instalment as security for an 800,000 peso loan.Payment: The value of a regular instalment.It is, however, necessary to hand over a receipt for the last rental instalment in respect of the assignment of leasehold property.We are proud to present the second instalment of our fantastic six-part competition to win a Renault Clio.Higher credit: The Finance Houses Association has warned that instalment credit will cost more following the rise in base rates.Dickens wrote his novels in weekly instalments for a magazine.