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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmetricalmet‧ri‧cal /ˈmetrɪkəl/ adjective technical  ALwritten in the form of poetry, with a pattern of strong and weak beats
Examples from the Corpus
metricalThe uncertainty of this metrical contradiction also contributes to the static mood.More literary verse usually has fewer levels of metrical organisation, thus allowing the poet a more flexible use of language.It would make a poem too stereotyped if this did in fact happen and so the metrical pattern will be varied.The treatment of rhythmical hierarchy is based on the comparatively recent theory of metrical phonology.Closely associated with the proclamation and preaching of the Word was scriptural hymnody, in the form of metrical psalms.Thus, while Storni still submits herself to a strict formal discipline, she continues to experiment with different metrical schemes.Space is devoted in the final chapter to considerations of the mentalism, or otherwise, of metrical structures.Differences between some parts of the male and female pelvis have also been described in metrical terms.