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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishquotationquo‧ta‧tion /kwəʊˈteɪʃən $ kwoʊ-/ ●●○ AWL noun  1 [countable]ALTCN a sentence or phrase from a book, speech etc which you repeat in a speech or piece of writing because it is interesting or amusing syn quotequotation from a quotation from the Bible The following quotation is taken from a nineteenth century travel diary. a dictionary of quotations2 [countable]TBBBT a written statement of exactly how much money something will costestimatequotation for Ask the builder to give you a written quotation for the job. a quotation for car insurance Get a couple of quotations from different companies before you decide which one to use.3 [uncountable]ALTCN the act of quoting something that someone else has written or said
Examples from the Corpus
quotationSpencer began his speech with a quotation from Karl Marx.a quotation from the BibleDealing with her finest prints and drawings with appropriate quotations from her own writings, this reveals many of her sources.Finally, quotes, simply by being embraced by quotation marks or set in italics, will attract your readers.We got two completely different quotations for fixing the roof.Get a few quotations from different firms so that you can compare prices.You might not do that if you were in prison, as a lengthy quotation from Porridge reminds us.For this and all other items of quotation, documentation, or public record, see Notes beginning on page 225.I couldn't remember where I'd heard the quotation before.I might also comment that she seemed to know what the quotation marks represented on the page.The quotation is attributed to Chu Hsi, an ancient Chinese philosopher.Finally, as is apparent from this quotation, the managers discovered that firing took skill.She was given to religion; to quotations from the Bible.If you do use quotations in your essay, select them carefully.give ... quotationWe will give you written quotations.