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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrevisionre‧vi‧sion /rɪˈvɪʒən/ ●○○ AWL noun  1 [countable, uncountable]CHANGE/MAKE something DIFFERENT the process of changing something in order to improve it by correcting it or including new information or ideasamendmentrevision of The judge wants to see a revision of the procedures.revision to I’m making some revisions to the book for the new edition.2 [countable]ALTCN a piece of writing that has been improved and corrected3 [uncountable] British EnglishSESTUDY the work of studying facts again in order to learn them I know I haven’t done enough revision for tomorrow’s exam.
Examples from the Corpus
revisionA revision to the financing element is expected in the next cou ple of years.The second dimension implies the need for self-conscious implementation of equal opportunities and the questioning and revision of routine practices.It is a decision that may require continual revision.How is your history revision going?I can't come out tonight - I've got a lot of revision to do.I've written the article, but it needs a lot of revision.Others need several revisions to their surgeries, and develop painful masses of scar tissue.The book went through several revisions before the publisher was finally satisfied with it.These amendments constitute the most significant revision of U.S. asylum law since the Refugee Act of 1980.In every pedagogical grammar, there should be a plan for systematic revision of previously taught material.In order that the scheme remains popular, it is vital that revision is conducted with regard to users' needs.Seventeen times, revision after revision, it kept coming back.The city's general development plan is undergoing revision.Make sure your revisions are improvements, not just changes.