Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: romans 'French, something written in French', from Latin romanicus 'Roman'


1 noun
1 [countable] an exciting and often short relationship between two people who love each other [↪ affair]
romance with
Hemingway's romance with his nurse inspired him to write 'A Farewell to Arms'.
Michelle married him after a whirlwind romance (=one that happens very suddenly and quickly).
holiday romance British English summer romance American English (=one that happens during a holiday)
a short holiday romance
2 [uncountable] love, or a feeling of being in love:
The romance had gone out of their relationship.
3 [uncountable] the feeling of excitement and adventure that is related to a particular place, activity etc
romance of
the romance of Hollywood
4 [countable]AL a story about the love between two people:
romance novels
5 [countable]AL a story that has brave characters and exciting events:
a Medieval romance

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