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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsagasa‧ga /ˈsɑːɡə/ noun [countable]  1 STORYa long and complicated series of events, or a description of this The whole saga began back in May.saga of She launched into the saga of her on-off engagement.2 ALa long story about events that happen over many yearssaga of a saga of four generations of the Coleman familysee thesaurus at story3 ALRMone of the stories written about the Vikings of Norway and Iceland
Examples from the Corpus
sagaBut it is also a saga of human avarice and the abuse of power.Stay tuned, because the Carrey saga should get interesting.For some reason, the whole extraordinary saga of San Diego and Tijuana during Prohibition has been forgotten.Her saga of the rise and fall of a powerful family dynasty was a great commercial success.His saga could distract and entertain, guilt-free, for years.The novel is a historical saga, set in Tudor times.Meridon is linked to the aforementioned Lacey sagas, but its plot is self-contained.Chang's novel is the real-life saga of a Chinese family.Getting here from Milwaukee was a real saga.Let me update you on my social security saga.We have a crucial role to play in the unfolding of the sagas.Our Susan and Vera saga in Bewley's is not that far-fetched and it replaces negative comment in many cases.