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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtextualtex‧tu‧al /ˈtekstʃuəl/ AWL adjective formal  ALrelating to the way that a book, magazine etc is writtentextual a detailed textual analysis of the Bible
Examples from the Corpus
textualThis ambiguity of voices co-operates with the rhetoric of textual autonomy whereby texts are seen to undermine themselves without intervention.Nor is there textual evidence which carries any conviction.Just occasionally, textual fossils come into their own again, as I experienced when writing this book.Both relate to the way in which textual material is packaged by the writer along patterns familiar to the reader.What Brooke-Rose does with discursive and textual matter in much of her previous fiction she does here with personae.The two texts simply address different readerships and in so doing reflect different textual preferences.No mere textual reading or logical talisman can solve the dilemma.The sort of scholarship which predominated was textual scholarship, as exemplified by Percy Simpson's monumental edition of Ben Jonson.