Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: Latin titulus


ti‧tle S3 W1
1 [countable]A the name given to a particular book, painting, play etc
title of
The title of this play is 'Othello'.
2 [countable]AL a book:
the UK's 20 best-selling titles
3 [countable]
a) a name such as 'Sir' or 'Professor', or abbreviations such as 'Mrs' or 'Dr', that are used before someone's name to show their rank or profession, whether they are married etc
b) a name that describes someone's job or position:
Her official title is editor.
4 [countable]DS the position of being the winner of an important sports competition:
Tyson won the WBA title in 1987.
5 [singular, uncountable] lawSCL the legal right to have or own something
title to
He has title to the land.
someone's first name: first name, given name especially AmE, Christian name

someone's family name: family name, last name, surname, maiden name (a woman's family name before she gets married)

the name between your first and last name: middle name

all of the words of someone's name: full name

when someone writes their name: signature, autograph (of a famous person)

a name used instead of someone's real name: nickname a short name used by someone's friends or family
pen name
/pseudonym a name used by a writer
stage name
the name used by an actor
false name
, alias a name used especially by a criminal
under an assumed name
using a false name in order to hide your identity

the name of a thing: title the name of a book, film, picture etc
common name
the name for a plant, animal, substance etc used by ordinary people
scientific name
the name used by scientists
a word or phrase used in technical contexts

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