Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: tragedie, from Latin, from Greek tragoidia, probably from tragos 'goat' + aeidein 'to sing'


tra‧ge‧dy plural tragedies
1 [uncountable and countable] a very sad event, that shocks people because it involves death:
The tragedy happened as they were returning home from a night out.
Tragedy struck the family when their two-year-old son was killed in an accident.
2 [countable] informal something that seems very sad and unnecessary because something will be wasted, lost, or harmed:
It's a tragedy to see so much talent going to waste.
a) [countable]ALAPT a serious play or book that ends sadly, especially with the death of the main character [↪ comedy]:
'Hamlet' is one of Shakespeare's best known tragedies.
b) [uncountable]ALAPT this type of play or book:
an actor specializing in tragedy

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