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Topic: Magic

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmagicma‧gic1 /ˈmædʒɪk/ ●●● S3 W3 noun [uncountable]  1 MAGICthe power to make impossible things happen by saying special words or doing special actions Do you believe in magic? black magic, white magic2 ATTRACTa special, attractive, or exciting quality Paris has lost some of its magic for me over the years.magic of the magic of Christmas3 APthe skill of doing tricks that look like magic in order to entertain people, or the tricks that are done syn conjuring4 like magic/as if by magic5 work/weave your magic6 work like magicCOLLOCATIONSverbsdo magicIn the story, the children are not allowed to do magic out of school.work magic (=do magic)What do you expect me to do? I can’t work magic!use magicBy using magic, he can order the ghost of any dead person to be his servant.adjectivesblack magic (=intended to harm people)The candles had been used for black magic.ancient magicThe place seemed full of shadows and ancient magic.strong/powerful magicHer fingers moved to make the sign that protected against strong magic. THESAURUSmagic noun [uncountable] the power to make impossible things happen, by saying special words or doing special actionsIn the story, she uses magic to turn him into a frog.Local people believe that he can heal wounds and illnesses using magic.witchcraft noun [uncountable] the use of magic, usually to do bad thingsHundreds of women were accused of witchcraft in the 1600s.spell noun [countable] a special set of words or actions that are used to make something happen by magica magic spellAn evil witch cast a spell on him (=said a special set of words or did a special series of actions, in order to make something happen to someone by magic), turning him into a beast.curse (also hex American English) noun [countable] something that makes someone or something have bad luckThe house seemed to have a curse on it.People believed the pharaoh would put a curse on (=use magic to make them have bad luck)anyone who broke into the tomb.She believed her former husband had put a hex on her.the occult mysterious powers and events that involve magic and spiritsHe was very interested in the occult.voodoo noun [uncountable] magical beliefs and practices used as a form of religiona voodoo curseIn Haiti, the people still practice voodoo.
Examples from the Corpus
magicChristmas has a magic that appeals to young and old.The club features juggling and magic acts in addition to stand-up comedy.Am I then a child of miracle and magic?Angela clapped her hands and the cats disappeared as if by magic.a wizard who can do magicHe saw a little boy doing magic.WEAPONS/ARMOUR: The Supreme Patriarch carries a sword but wears no armour as this would compromise his magic.Lawmakers could really use some of his magic about now.Harry Potter continues to spin his magic, doubling publisher Bloomsbury's profits to $ 8m.Be sure to wrap your storytelling in magic and mystery.an evening of magic and comedyWe only have limited knowledge about the practice of magic in the Middle Ages.But would they hold the same magic for our 20-month-old daughter, Alexandra?Not your weasel-faced tame magic, but root-and-branch magic, the old magic.lost ... magicA child's birthday seems to have lost its magic and has just become another consumer oriented status symbol.In short, he's lost his magic.