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cursecurse2 ●○○ noun [countable]  1 SWEARa swear word or words that you say because you are very angry He muttered a curse under his breath.2 ROMMAGICa word or sentence used to ask God or a magical power to do something bad to someone or something He believed that someone had put a curse on the house.3 PROBLEMsomething that causes trouble, harm etccurse of Noise is one of the curses of modern-day life.4 the curse
Examples from the Corpus
curseBeing a war hero has turned out to be both a blessing and a curse.Interesting times have been the proverbial blessing and a curse for Sassoon.He had a curse when it came to machinery.The lucky boy accomplished the feat, and caught the evil, greedy king in a curse at the same time.The challenge of the car, which has blessed humanity so much, is to stop that blessing turning into a curse.And at every blow there was a moan or a curse as it went home.Mr. Bowis Does my hon. Friend agree that a curse of modern urban living is musical mega-decibels in the night?They tell of phone numbers one can call for horoscopes, fortunes, curses, cures.Connors started shouting curses at the umpire who called the ball out.History suggests the curse of kingship is the need to be wary of your own counsellors.put ... curse onIf you complained, he'd put a curse on you.He sometimes wondered if Eleanor had put a curse on him.They've put a curse on me now, for betraying Nerina.The witch put a curse on the baby princess.