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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishenchanteden‧chant‧ed /ɪnˈtʃɑːntɪd $ ɪnˈtʃæn-/ adjective  1 someone who is enchanted with someone or something likes them very muchenchanted with She was enchanted with the flowers you sent her.2 ROMan enchanted object or place has been changed by magic so that it has special powersbewitched an enchanted castle
Examples from the Corpus
enchantedBehind her the enchanted dancers spun on; the focus of the circle was now drifting along a violet-lit corridor.This was followed by a step into a small enchanted forest when we visited a nearby butterfly farm.Summer lies eternally on Avelorn's enchanted glades.Rincewind got down on one knee, the better to arrange the picture, and pressed the enchanted lever.Ahead of us, the ledge widens and the walls of the gorge flare out, framing an idyllic, enchanted scene.Our camp was an enchanted spot, tucked away in the Entoto hills.enchanted withFrom the moment we met, I was completely enchanted with her eyes.