Topic: MAGIC

Date: 1300-1400
Language: French
Origin: magique, from Latin magice, from Greek magike, from magos 'person with magic powers'


1 noun
ma‧gic1 [uncountable]
1 the ability of particular people in children's stories to make impossible things happen by saying special words:
Do you believe in magic?
black magic, white magic
2 a special, attractive, or exciting quality:
Paris has lost some of its magic for me over the years.
magic of
the magic of Christmas
3AP the skill of doing tricks that look like magic in order to entertain people, or the tricks that are done [= conjuring]

like magic/as if by magic

in a surprising way that seems impossible to explain:
As if by magic the waiter suddenly appeared with a tray of drinks.

work/weave your magic

if something or someone works or weaves their magic, they produce a good change or effect in a way that they are often able to do:
The warm weather and the beautiful scenery began to work their magic and she started to relax.

work like magic

to be very effective

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