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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrunerune /ruːn/ noun [countable] technical  1 SLAone of the letters of the alphabet used in the past by people in Northern Europe2 ROMa magic song or written signrunic adjective
Examples from the Corpus
runeA rune weapon will lose its powers for this time, and other rune-based magic items will be similarly affected.They loved those old bones to be dragged out and cast to the ground where they could be read like runes.He had snapped the circlet of runes from Thorfinn's throat.The frontal hood of the plasma gun was gilded with safety runes.This symbol is the Teutonic rune of the eagle.Odin, Father of Victory, said the runes on his own Ulfberht axe.On his sword was the rune of Khaine, a reference to the blade wielded by his mighty sire Aenarion.Walls, ceilings, floors were clad in smooth obsidian and jet carved with runes, sacred hexes and texts.