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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaddresseead‧dress‧ee /ˌædreˈsiː, əˌdresˈiː/ noun [countable]  TCMSENDthe person a letter, package etc is addressed to
Examples from the Corpus
addresseeGeneralising over speech events, he abstracts the roles addressor and addressee.Knowledge of his addressee constrains the analyst's expectations even further.They show disapproval of the addressee's views and may make the addressee feel bad about him/herself.The speaker is conscious of the addressee, and the addressee is conscious of the speaker.There may also be occasions when you need to have a copy of the signature of the addressee.He would be immutable in his relation with the addressee if she/he did not change.The addressee is Titius, heir to a share of the testator's estate.