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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcovering letterˌcovering ˈletter noun [countable]  TCM British English a letter that you send with documents or a package that gives information about its contents syn cover letter American English Send your CV and a covering letter to the address below.
Examples from the Corpus
covering letterResponse sheets were sent out to these 200 with a covering letter from the agency concerned and 85 positive responses were received.Copies of the questionnaire and covering letter were sent to teachers individually.Taking the direct approach requires planning, organisation, and a short, positive, action-demanding covering letter.In addition, the employer mentioned that Katie's enthusiasm for the job had not come across in her covering letter.His covering letter explained that glass coffins were the wave of the future.It had been returned to him almost exactly as he had sent it, with no covering letter or word of explanation.It was noted in the covering letter which accompanied each questionnaire that the information given by respondents would be treated as confidential.It is normally circulated under covering letter and will incorporate a confidentiality agreement.