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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishesquirees‧quire /ɪˈskwaɪə $ ˈeskwaɪr, ɪˈskwaɪr/ noun [singular]  TCMNAME OF A PERSONa formal title that can be written after a man’s name, especially in the address on an official letter
Examples from the Corpus
esquireAmong their other responsibilities, Donne was steward of Kidwelly and an esquire of the king's body.By 1482 he had become an esquire of the king's body and was made captain and governor of Guernsey.Berkeley, an esquire of the body, was constable of Southampton itself.Baynton was an esquire of the body by 1522.At Doncaster the king was joined by his esquire, Gloucester's associate John Pilkington, who lent him 100 marks.