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expressexpress3 ●●○ noun  1 [countable usually singular]TTTTTC a train or bus that does not stop in many places and therefore travels quicklyLondon–Gatwick Express/Orient Express (=a fast train or bus which does a particular journey regularly)2 [uncountable]TCM a post service that delivers letters and packages very quickly Send these books by express.
Examples from the Corpus
expressHis poems were a desperate expression of his loneliness and isolation.I took the mid-afternoon express to Valladolid that goes on to Salamanca.The first uptown train to come along was an express, and I rode it one stop to Ninety-sixth Street.We'll send it by express.The winner is the one who gets closest to a passing express.Then all at once came a blast of noise, and the express shot through.Several minutes before the express was due to pull out, the platform was empty.