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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishjunk mailˈjunk mail noun [uncountable]  TCMletters, especially advertisements, that are sent by organizations to large numbers of people – used to show disapprovalspam
Examples from the Corpus
junk mailMind you, I do have a relative who has one tried and tested way of getting rid of his junk mail.It was just one more item of junk mail, and he wasn't paying for it.Many of us find that even if we bin our junk mail, it continues to arrive.Forty-four percent of the junk mail is never even opened.It almost went out with the rest of the junk mail.She tossed the junk mail in the bin, unopened.Often, you have to get unwanted junk mail before you can block it-an unhappy chore at best.If we create coupon books, how do we get them to the on-line customer without flooding the network with junk mail.