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2 verb
register2 W3

on a list

[intransitive and transitive]PGC to put someone's or something's name on an official list:
The tanker is registered in Rotterdam.
register for
How many students have registered for English classes?
register with
You must bring your insurance card with you when you register with a dentist or doctor.
register a birth/death/marriage
The baby's birth was registered this morning.
be registered (as) unemployed/disabled etc British English (=be on an official list of a particular group)

state your opinion

[transitive] formal to officially state your opinion about something so that everyone knows what you think or feel:
The delegation registered a formal protest with US embassy officials Wednesday.


[intransitive usually in negatives, transitive] if something registers, or if you register it, you realize or notice it, and then remember it:
She had told me her name before, but I guess it didn't register.
I'd been standing there for several minutes before he registered my presence.


[intransitive and transitive]TM if an instrument registers an amount or if something registers on it, the instrument shows that amount:
The thermometer registered 98.6°.
The earthquake registered 7.2 on the Richter scale.

show a feeling

[transitive] formal to show or express a feeling:
Her face registered shock and anger.


[transitive] British EnglishTCM to send a package, letter etc by registered post:
Did you register the parcel?

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