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stampstamp2 ●●○ verb  1 put foot down [intransitive, transitive]STAND to put your foot down onto the ground loudly and with a lot of force The audience stamped and shouted. ‘I will not!’ Bert yelled and stamped his foot (=because he was angry). She stood at the bus stop stamping her feet (=because she was cold).stamp on somebody/something (=try to hurt or kill someone or something, by putting your foot down onto them) Marta shrieked and started stamping on the cockroach.2 walk noisily [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] to walk somewhere in a noisy way by putting your feet down hard onto the ground because you are angry syn stompstamp around/out of/off etc My mother stamped off down the stairs.3 make a mark [transitive]WRITE to put a pattern, sign, or letters on something, using a special tool The woman at the desk stamped my passport. Among the papers was a brown folder stamped ‘SECRET’.stamp something on something Stamp the date on all the letters.4 affect somebody/something [transitive]EFFECT/INFLUENCE to have an important or permanent effect on someone or something The experience remained stamped on her memory for many years.stamp somebody with something His army years had stamped him with an air of brisk authority.5 mail [transitive]TCM to stick a stamp onto a letter, parcel etc stamp somebody as something stamp on somebody/something stamp something ↔ out→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
stampThe letters are stamped and are ready to be mailed.One cradled a paper cup of coffee in both hands, stamping his feet as if it was cold.Punching postman Tony Thornton says he's going to stamp on Eubank - but Eubank plans to return the challenger to sender.Meanwhile, though creative financing has mostly been stamped on, some councils' past ingenuity is catching up with them.Roll thinly and stamp out 16 small leaves.Miguel turned away, stamping out his cigarette, facing the wall like it was his future.Pitt was a great philanthropist and wanted to stamp out smuggling, which was rife.stamped ... footI shivered and stamped my feet.On the edge of the crowd a few young men tittered, whistled, applauded and stamped their feet.They stamped their feet and flapped their arms around their bodies to try to keep out the extreme chill.He stamped his foot and looked around him like he was lost and might break out crying any minute.It stamped a foot and snorted briskly.Others shuffled and stamped their feet as the cold from the frosted pavement penetrated the thin soles of their shoes.The knight stamped his feet to keep warm.stamp around/out of/off etcOnce again the real estate agent stamped out of the room, muttering angrily.stamp something on somethingThe medicine had a September 1 expiration date stamped on it.stamped on ... memoryYet the sensation was indelibly stamped on her memory.