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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstamped addressed envelopeˌstamped adˌdressed ˈenvelope noun [countable] British English  TCM (abbreviation sae) an envelope with your name, your address, and a stamp on it, which you send to a person or organization so that they can send you information
Examples from the Corpus
stamped addressed envelopeReaders requiring a reply should enclose a stamped addressed envelope or an international reply coupon.He enclosed a stamped addressed envelope the size of a small knapsack.Checking charts for Belfast Telegraph Plan 82 are available if you write to me enclosing a stamped addressed envelope.Only pictures with a stamped addressed envelope will be returned.Entries will remain copyright of the entrant but can only be returned if they are accompanied by a large stamped addressed envelope.For a free copy send a large stamped addressed envelope to Jos Joslin, Ridgeway Officer, .Deliberately - very deliberately - he had enclosed no stamped addressed envelope.