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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbindbind1 /baɪnd/ ●●○ verb (past tense and past participle bound /baʊnd/)  1 TIE/FASTENtie/fasten [transitive] written a) TIEto tie someone so that they cannot move or escape They bound my arms and legs with rope.bound and gagged (=tied up, and with cloth tied around your mouth so you cannot speak) b) (also bind up)TIE to tie things firmly together with cloth or string The pile of newspapers was bound with string.2 UNITEform a connection [transitive]UNITE to form a strong emotional or economic connection between two people, countries etc syn unitebind somebody/something together Their shared experiences in war helped to bind the two communities together.3 RESTRICTmake somebody do something [transitive]LIMIT if you are bound by an agreement, promise etc, you must do what you have agreed to do or promised to dobe bound by something The monks are bound by vows of silence.be bound to do something Employees are not bound to give their reasons for leaving. Grammar Bind is usually passive in this meaning.4 STICK TOGETHERstick together [intransitive, transitive] technicalTOGETHER to stick together in a mass, or to make small pieces of something stick together The flour mixture isn’t wet enough to bind properly.bind with The hydrogen molecule binds with the oxygen molecule.5 BOOKbook [transitive]TCN to fasten the pages of a book together and put them in a cover bound2(9)6 STITCHstitch [transitive]TIMD to sew cloth over the edge of a piece of material, or stitch over it, to strengthen it The edges of the blanket were bound with ribbon. bind somebody over→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
bindThe hostages had been bound and gagged and left in a corner of the room.It was like being bound hand and foot to a torturer's chair.The snakes multiplied, swarming over her, binding her more tightly to the chair.Wires upon wires wove around him, binding him to his amplifiers.Use 2 tablespoons of water to bind the flour and butter mixture.The treaty binds the two countries to reduce the number of nuclear weapons.He was found bound to a chair, barely alive.The hydrogen molecule binds with the oxygen molecule.bound and gaggedHe half expected to see some naked tourist in the corner, bound and gagged.Time allowed 00:16 Read in studio Masked raiders have bound and gagged a shop manager before escaping with two thousand pounds cash.Their bodies were weighted, bound and gagged, and dumped overboard.Five of the occupants were bound and gagged by the robbers.He bound and gagged me, held my arm, and we walked round the garden.They bound and gagged two children and then forced one of them to take them to the money.They were bound and gagged with masking tape.Judge frees intruder who bound and gagged woman A KNIFE-wielding intruder who bound and gagged a woman walked free from court yesterday.bind somebody/something togetherA common history binds people together.