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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcalicocal‧i‧co /ˈkælɪkəʊ $ -koʊ/ noun [uncountable]  1 British EnglishTIM heavy cotton cloth that is usually white2 American EnglishTIM light cotton cloth with a small printed pattern3 calico cat
Examples from the Corpus
calicoThe more expensive type of interior-sprung mattress has pocketed springs, where each spring is enclosed in a calico pocket.There was a mattress to be carried away, calico cloth and filled with straw.By 1721 Parliament accepted the argument of Defoe, Rey, and the weavers, and banned calico.She was wearing a checked calico dress of the sort worn by Annie before she got her gun.This is when the pattern-cutting started and Amy produced the first calico toile.The latter were neatly dressed, the girls in calico aprons, the boys in knickerbocker suits with their hair combed flat.One of the calico ones, Hodges.Team it up with calico for a truly natural look that complements almost any colour scheme.