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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchenilleche‧nille /ʃəˈniːl/ noun [uncountable]  TIMtwisted thread with a surface like a soft brush, or cloth made from this and used for decorations, curtains etc
Examples from the Corpus
chenilleBlack chenille thick sweater with colourful tulip motif, £396.No one trend dominates the market, but chenille continues to be a heavy favorite.Northern Whites Cream chenille sweaters, warm oatmeal jackets and ivory cocktail dresses guide the way into winter.She wears Oasis chenille cowl-neck sweater, £34.99.When peace came again in 1918 we followed up the production of reversible wool rugs with the making of chenille Axminster carpets.Why not renovate and touch up what you already have with some velvet or chenille?Black and white thick chenille cropped sweater, £293.For both occasions she had worn the same hat - an uncompromising chenille turban.