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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchintzychintz‧y /ˈtʃɪntsi/ adjective  1 British EnglishTIM covered with chintz a chintzy sofa2 American English informalCHEAP cheap and badly made syn cheap a chintzy lamp3 GENEROUS# American English informal unwilling to give people things or spend money syn stingy
Examples from the Corpus
chintzyThe hangings were rather chintzy and old-fashioned.He tucked the chintzy bed cover over his sleeping friend and switched off the light.Within, there was an atmosphere of chintzy comfort.We all live in chintzy little boudoir rooms and we can't hang Rothkos on our walls.At her feet she had a large sack-like bag, made from some kind of chintzy material.Robyn dumped her holdall on to the floor and sank on to one of the chintzy sofas.The Economist interviewed him in a chintzy suite at Claridge's.The car has chintzy uncomfortable seats.Christina's Cafe tends to be a little chintzy with ingredients.So why am I so chintzy with the gold stars?