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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcrepecrepe, crêpe /kreɪp/ noun  1 [uncountable]TIM a type of light soft thin cloth, with very small folded lines on its surface, made from cotton, silk, wool etc2 [countable]DFF a very thin pancake3 [uncountable]TI tightly pressed rubber used especially for making the bottoms of shoes crepe-soled shoes
Examples from the Corpus
crepeThe bowsprit, mast and sails were covered in black crepe.Masked figures could be seen making their way through the deserted Toronto streets; black crepe sashes hung from the doorways.Then, as a daring but romantic gown of navy blue silk crepe made its appearance, the moment came.The bride, wearing a floating off-white crepe dress and matching heels, marched to a makeshift altar where the groom waited.Democratic columnist Mark Shields offers the same description but with crepe bunting.Each team was provided with crepe paper, pins, a needle, rubber band, a doily and a paper plate.For a few days I wondered if it could be used mysteriously in some odd and wonderful crepe batter.Wool crepe jackets down from £319 to £199.