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elasticelastic2 adjective  1 TIMmade of elastic an elastic cord2 HTIMa material that is elastic can stretch and then go back to its usual length or size the horny elastic pad in a horse’s hoof3 CHANGE/BECOME DIFFERENTa system or plan that is elastic can change or be changed easily Demand for this type of holiday will probably be fairly elastic.4 American English if a piece of clothing is elastic, it is made with material that can stretch children’s pants with an elastic waist
Examples from the Corpus
elasticThis will keep the muscle fibres mobile and elastic.She got up reluctantly, stretching like a long thin cat, all naked, curvy, and elastic.Supposing that that ball were perfectly elastic.Turn out on well-floured board or canvas and knead until smooth and elastic, about 10 minutes.Arteries become less elastic and harder.The steering wheel felt elastic and rubbery in his hands.He pulled it farther open and saw that a bunch of quill pens in an elastic band had been moved.This formula differs somewhat from the classical Hertz expression for elastic deformation of a plane by a rigid sphere.The demand for air travel is less elastic in the Caribbean.Children's bones are far more elastic than adults'.an elastic waistband