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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishleatheretteleath‧er‧ette /ˌleðəˈret/ noun [uncountable]  TIMa cheap material made to look like leather syn Naugahyde American English
Examples from the Corpus
leatheretteShe knew that I was perfectly capable of having the whole thing made in black leatherette if left to my own devices.It was overfilled with a huge walnut and chrome table and ranks of black leatherette chairs.The man carried a bulging leatherette wrist bag.Like Southfork Ranch, the seating is in crusty burgundy leatherette button-down style.There were wall seats in leatherette that looked as though they'd been put in a couple of years ago.Made from nasty leatherette with myriad pockets and a different strap for carrying it every way humanly possible.Hanging red lights shone on leatherette couches and framed relief pictures of vintage cars.