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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishLycraLy‧cra /ˈlaɪkrə/ noun [uncountable]  trademarkTIMDCC a material that stretches, used especially for making sports clothes that fit tightly
Examples from the Corpus
LycraAlthough I doubt even Camilla would wear the backless Lycra frock that this woman almost had on.Pineapple offer a versatile range of stretch cotton Lycra from scoop-neck leotards to high-waisted jodhpur-style trousers.Satin smooth Telltale lines are taboo under clingy tops and knit fabrics. Lycra blends give the smoothest outlines.If I had my way it would be opaque Lycra tights every day of the week.With the exception of some of the Lycra fashions, I was appalled at how hideous everything was.