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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmeshmesh1 /meʃ/ noun  1 TIM[countable, uncountable] material made from threads or wires that have been woven together like a net, or a piece of this material The windows were covered in wire mesh to keep out flies. a mesh fence2 [countable usually singular] literary a complicated or difficult situation or systemmesh of She had felt trapped by the old mesh of loyalty and shame.
Examples from the Corpus
meshThrough this dense mesh, proposals for change must pass.an iron mesh fenceThe smaller the mesh the more expensive the net, so there is no point in using a smaller mesh than necessary.She ran right up against the screen where McMurphy was and hooked her fingers through the mesh and pulled herself against it.Wire mesh covered the stained and permanently soiled windows.mesh ofIn the 1880s the city was a mesh of Italian, Portuguese, Mexican and German immigrants.