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plasticplastic2 ●●● S3 W2 noun  1 [countable, uncountable]HCP a light strong material that is produced by a chemical process, and which can be made into different shapes when it is soft children’s toys made of plastic the plastics industry2 [uncountable] informalBFMONEY small plastic cards that are used to pay for things instead of money syn credit cards ‘I haven’t got any cash.’ ‘Don’t worry, I’ll stick it on the plastic (=pay for it using a credit card).’ Do they take plastic? (=can you pay using a credit card?)
Examples from the Corpus
plasticNot a piece of sticky-back plastic, a toilet roll or a Blue Peter badge in sight!Some industries, for example plastics, will evidently not be greatly affected.The doors are made of plastic so they don't dent.You have the following equipment: a large piece of plastic, rope, and an air tank.The company experimented with various plastics but found that aluminum was still the best option.I didn't have the cash for a trip home, so I paid with plastic.