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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpolyesterpol‧y‧es‧ter /ˈpɒliestə, ˌpɒliˈestə◂ $ ˈpɑːliestər/ noun [uncountable]  TIMan artificial material used to make cloth a blue polyester shirt
Examples from the Corpus
polyesterHe owned exactly four suits, all polyester.With a sewing machine and polyester thread to match the garment, set two rows of straight stitches by the tacking stitches.It's made from 100% easy-care polyester and measures 24in from nape of neck to hem.But most of them wore Western dress: polyester trousers, anoraks and sneakers.Among the synthetic fibres used in furnishing fabrics are nylon, polyester and acrylic.New factories that can make billions of pounds of polyester are opening or planned.Every Friday he arrived on the trading floor in a tan polyester jacket and black chinos.He wore polyester suits, made a five-figure income, and worked one-figure hours.