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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreinforced concreteˌreinforced ˈconcrete noun [uncountable]  TIMTBCconcrete with metal bars in it to make it stronger
Examples from the Corpus
reinforced concreteIf steel and concrete were incompatible in any of these areas, reinforced concrete would sooner or later degrade.Each of the Apollo launch pads was 0.65 square kilometres in size and constructed of heavily reinforced concrete.What station-building remained was increasingly to reflect the functional, geometrical approach, stressing cubes and cylinders and glorying in reinforced concrete.Many of New York's bridges are made using inadequately reinforced concrete.Problem: Footings under masonry walls are not reinforced concrete.Its three piers and two buttresses will take 15,000 cubic metres of reinforced concrete.Roebling had pioneered fireproof construction methods, especially the use of reinforced concrete.Public works inspectors may specialize in highways, structural steel, reinforced concrete, or ditches.