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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscratchyscratch‧y /ˈskrætʃi/ adjective  1 TIMCOMFORTABLE#something that is scratchy feels rough against your skin a scratchy woollen jumper2 TCRa scratchy voice or musical sound is rough and not smooth and pleasant a scratchy old recording of some folk songs
Examples from the Corpus
scratchyThey are the most popular runs and get scratchy after lunch.At first the wealth of scratchy film archiving the revolution's birth was riveting.Clare yelled in pain as she fell on scratchy, frosted bracken.I could hear the diminution of talk, the quieting of the clatter of passing platters, the scratchy hiss of whispering.No water sold at the bar, scratchy loo paper, and a dancefloor that doesn't yet kick till after midnight.Something scratchy nudged against her calves and made her jump.Its scratchy sheets did not bother her in the slightest.They sat on the musty divan with a scratchy wool plaid blanket covering them to their chins.