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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsergeserge /sɜːdʒ $ sɜːrdʒ/ noun [uncountable]  TIMstrong woollen cloth used for making suits, trousers etc
Examples from the Corpus
sergeHe was wearing dark trousers and a blue serge shirt with a yoke across the front.Gwendolen was clad in her dark blue serge travelling dress, this being the nearest to mourning she could manage.He was wearing his blue serge suit, white shirt, and necktie, and looked all right to me.His blue serge trousers were too heavy for this weather.So far, no blue serge suits, either, whatever serge is.Should she don her heavier serge walking dress or be optimistic and wear the foulard she had planned?Léonie lifted her head from her partner's serge shoulder and stared about.