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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_006_fanglean‧gle1 /ˈæŋɡəl/ ●●● S3 W3 noun [countable]  1 HMthe space between two straight lines or surfaces that join each other, measured in degreesan angle of something an angle of 45°angle of the angles of a triangle You didn’t measure the angle accurately.angle between the angle between walls and ceiling right angle2 OPINIONa way of considering a problem or situation We’re approaching the issue from many different angles. Look at every angle of the situation.angle to There’s another angle to this question.3 LOOK AFTER somethinga position from which you look at something or photograph itfrom a ... angle This drawing of the monastery was done from an unusual angle. Some of the pictures have strange camera angles.4 at an angle5 CFthe shape formed when two lines or surfaces joinangle of My head struck the angle of the shelf.
Examples from the Corpus
angleFirst, the meteorites crossed the dome traveling at an angle of only twenty-seven degrees to the horizon.The Chesterfield, on to which he was ready to drop, was no longer at its usual, comfortable angle to the television.a 45-degree angleOne hip shifted her weight to that side, and suddenly every angle softly flowed into another.The slightly sweet fruit has five angles and when sliced, the pieces are shaped like stars.The article gives the reader a fresh angle on pop culture.Thompson says his committee has looked at the problem from every possible angle.This is the so-called imaginary direction of time, at right angles to real time.Advertisers need to find the right angle to make their product appeal to consumers.They wanted an ordinary worker's angle on the new system.The latter alters the angle of the front roller, to prevent the best running off centre.I avoided the angle of the coffee table in the darkened room.He made the decision to lessen the angle of impact by closing the throttle, applying hard up elevator and full right rudder.At this angle, in the uncertain light, he resembled an eighty-year-old man, wide-eyed with fear.an angle of somethingHe lay head towards the door and at an angle of forty-five degrees from the bed, his shoes touching the end.Or that one must approach at an angle of attack of precisely 10 degrees, and attain exactly 18 degrees on take-off?His shirt-tails flapping in the breeze, he faced the green at an angle of forty-five degrees and sliced every shot.First, the meteorites crossed the dome traveling at an angle of only twenty-seven degrees to the horizon.Tucked away unobtrusively in an angle of the river wall, it was also protected by a brick overhang.Switching angles of 3 and 6 degrees produce a faster travel than an angle of 0 degrees.Titron went over to an angle of thirty-five degrees.every angleViews of all parties are taken into account; every angle is examined.In fact they now covered every angle in every room in the hotel.Never before have so many people had direct access to information from every angle.The mayor took along a disposable camera with 36 frames and took pictures from every angle. of the room.Scientists have attacked the problem from every angle, by education, improving hygiene and eradicating the snail.The pattern is the same from every angle, which affords considerable freedom in the placement of the rug.Cameras caress them from every angle.One hip shifted her weight to that side, and suddenly every angle softly flowed into another.from a ... angleThe fall of Wulfgeat in 1006 is also interesting from another angle.A standard computer would proceed one step at a time, while we approach the issue from many different angles at once.Sometimes the pitfalls in not looking at it from all these angles become painfully clear.Henry Thoreau wrote that one sees the world more clearly if one looks at it from an angle.He looked at Lee from an angle, cool and fixed, with a slow nod of the head to measure remarks.It calls for turning around and approaching the problem from a completely different angle.They should enter into those ideas, and see them from various angles.Investigators were photographing the wreckage from all angles, and searching for a data recorder that had been aboard the freight train.