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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaxisax‧is /ˈæksɪs/ ●○○ noun (plural axes /-siːz/) [countable]  1 SGthe imaginary line around which a large round object, such as the Earth, turns The Earth rotates on an axis between the north and south poles.2 HMa line drawn across the middle of a regular shape that divides it into two equal parts3 HMeither of the two lines of a graph, by which the positions of points are measuredthe vertical/horizontal axis
Examples from the Corpus
axisThe Earth spins on an axis, creating north and south poles.Concern for production is illustrated on the horizontal axis.An outer cylinder of platinum was used as the anode, with a rod of palladium on its axis as the cathode.This hypothesis generates an infinite set of indifference curves which are convex to the L axis.Muscle strips were mounted with the longitudinal axis parallel to the direction of the circular muscle bundles.In Fig. 11-7 the wage rates for labour in the two localities are shown on the vertical axis.These edges can be considered mutually exclusive interpretations of some stretch of the utterance defined by the z and x axis.