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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcalculuscal‧cu‧lus /ˈkælkjələs/ noun [uncountable]  HMthe part of mathematics that deals with changing quantities, such as the speed of a falling stone or the slope of a curved line
Examples from the Corpus
calculusBut Taylor worked six days a week at Midvale and studied chemistry and calculus on the side.The Class of 2000 hits the books: calculus, chemistry, leadership courses.Other subjects - like calculus or computing - can not be learned without some conscious effort.To split up work into its components mirrored the intellectual tradition of calculus.One is usually wary of text books which avoid the use of calculus.Some composers today don t even understand the simple calculus, he said.But without using calculus one can not show its elegance.Treated as an instance of the Utilitarian calculus, the whole increasingly complicated operation would no doubt be quite unreal.