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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconcentriccon‧cen‧tric /kənˈsentrɪk/ adjective  HMhaving the same centreeccentric concentric circles
Examples from the Corpus
concentricThese represent segments of small circles concentric about the pole of rotation with respect to which the diverging plates are moving.Like the minor, circular designs of the latter, it may have possessed a number of concentric bands.Furthermore, the transference from Worcester to Lincoln of the concept of a ten-bayed concentric chapter house took place about 1225.There's four concentric cylinders inside, okay?London and Huddersfield also illustrate the concentric pattern.The ventral arm plates are nearly pentagonal with a distinct convex distal edge textured with layers of calcite forming a concentric pattern.The largest craters show, in addition to their rim walls and central peak structures, outer concentric rings of mountains.Thus the total number of concentric spheres in the Eudoxian system was twenty-seven.