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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdomaindo‧main /dəˈmeɪn, dəʊ- $ də-, doʊ-/ ●○○ AWL noun [countable] formal  1 ACTIVITY/KNOWLEDGEAREA OF KNOWLEDGE, DUTIES, STUDY ETCan area of activity, interest, or knowledge, especially one that a particular person, organization etc deals withoutside/within the domain of something/somebody This problem is outside the domain of medical science. Looking after the house was viewed as a woman’s domain. public domain2 LANDSANAREAan area of land owned and controlled by one person or government, especially in the past the extent of the royal domain3 HM technical the set of possible quantities by which something can vary in mathematics4 a domain name
Examples from the Corpus
domainBut at the same time, the classroom can not simply be an extension of the experimental domain.But later in the day, the president of Cook County will call and ask how his domain should be run.Work in skilled trades and union jobs remains a male domain.In the US, manual labor remains a male domain.There is no reason to suppose that what goes on in one domain is necessarily relevant to what goes on in another.Raising the matter in the public domain is not advocated.The abortion issue has shifted from the political to the religious domain.But any illegal littering of city streets is the domain of the four litter cops.The building was once the domain of the Soviet KGB.The discovery of X-rays added to the domain of natural science.In this domain it serves, to use the unavoidable cliche, merely as a rubber stamp.outside/within the domain of something/somebodyAs for things outside the domain of sound, the voice can imitate only indirectly.