Topic: MATHS

Date: 1300-1400
Language: Latin
Origin: aequalis, from aequus 'level, equal'


1 adjective
e‧qual1 S1 W2


the same in size, number, amount, value etc as something else [↪ equivalent]
equal number/amount (of something)
Both candidates received an equal number of votes.
(of) equal value/importance
They believe that all work is of equal value.
equal in size/length/height etc
The two towns are roughly equal in size.
equal to
The rent was equal to half his monthly income.

same rights/chances

having the same rights, opportunities etc as everyone else, whatever your race, religion, or sex:
Our constitution states that all men are equal.
Our education system should provide equal opportunities for all children.
The government is committed to achieving equal rights for women.

be equal to something

a) to have the ability to deal with a problem, piece of work etc successfully [= be up to]:
I'm not sure he's equal to the task.
Are you equal to this challenge?
b) to be as good as something else:
The architecture here is equal to any in the world.

on equal terms/on an equal footing

with neither side having any advantage over the other:
This law will help small businesses to compete on equal terms with large multinational corporations.

all (other) things being equal

spoken if things are as you normally expect them to be:
All things being equal, a small car will cost less than a larger one.

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