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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfunctionfunc‧tion1 /ˈfʌŋkʃən/ ●●● S3 W1 AWL noun  1 [countable, uncountable]PURPOSE the purpose that something has, or the job that someone or something doesperform/fulfil a function In your new job you will perform a variety of functions. The church fulfils a valuable social function. The nervous system regulates our bodily functions (=eating, breathing, going to the toilet etc). Bauhaus architects thought that function was more important than form.2 [countable]PARTY a large party or official event This room may be hired for weddings and other functions.see thesaurus at party3 [countable usually singular] technical a quantity or quality whose value changes according to another quantity or quality that is related to it The degree of drought is largely a function of temperature and drainage.4 [countable]TD one of the basic operations performed by a computer
Examples from the Corpus
functionOral fluids are introduced gradually until a normal level is reached. 4 Once bowel function returns diet is gradually re-introduced.The part of the job he liked best was standing up at grand civic functions and bathing in the applause.His specialist service is in constant demand for big corporate functions.The Lavender Room can be booked for functions or parties.Hepatic damage has also been reported; thus, periodic liver functions should be done.The main function of the bars is to protect the driver's legs.Kerberos may be adequate for those who do not need the more robust functions and properties of public-key systems.This reflects the Society's function to monitor and maintain the highest professional standards.The Great Hall is available for weddings and other social functions.Each basket is designed to perform a specific function, from carrying corn to holding babies.The defining metaphor for this innovation was the biological cell, which performs specific functions and communicates with other cells.Part of her duties is attending official state functions.This teaching function, though, declined sharply after 1380 with the establishment of Durham College at Oxford.Bauhaus architects thought that function was more important than form.Several instructors could not answer questions about the function of a particular switch.Long term exercise changes the function of the heart, blood, and muscles.What is the function of literature in our society?The function of this gene is to block the uncontrolled division of cells; it therefore prevents the development of cancer.Yet it does perform a number of useful functions. 1.perform/fulfil a functionIf the monarchy is perceived as fulfilling a function, then royalty have a job to do.Recurrent networks can perform functions such as automatic gain control or energy normalization and selecting a maximum in complex systems.He performed a function of obvious urgency.Party officials may perform functions that in non-communist regimes would be reserved for public servants.We are asked, instead, to perform a function that the Constitution gave to the Executive, not the Judiciary.