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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgraphgraph /ɡrɑːf $ ɡræf/ ●●● S3 W2 noun [countable]  HMa drawing that uses a line or lines to show how two or more sets of measurements are related to each otherchart Martin showed me a graph of their recent sales.COLLOCATIONSNOUN + grapha bar graph (=a picture of boxes of different heights, in which each box represents a different amount or quantity)The monthly variations in rainfall are shown on the bar graph below.a line graphA line graph is a way of presenting figures in visual form.verbsdraw a graphDraw a graph to show changes in the death rate over this period.plot something on a graph (=to draw marks or a line to show facts, numbers etc on a graph)The different values can be plotted on a graph.show something on a graph/a graph shows somethingThe graph shows that wages rose in line with productivity.
Examples from the Corpus
graphWe can map out our budget and time performance on a graph.Other products are treated in the same way, building up a graph of the aggregate sales of existing products.How many graphs and charts will viewers look at?This may be in the form of a report containing written evidence, diagrams or graphs as appropriate.The oscilloscope graph of both voices was flattened in the lower register: tension was restricting the movement of their vocal chords.If you do not get a satisfactory graph, try resetting the graph settings to the default.Allow the graph to dry overnight before hanging it up.Together, the graphs sum up what happened during the intervening eighty years.The graph on page 6 shows population growth over the past 50 years.