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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgraph paperˈgraph ˌpaper noun [uncountable]  HMpaper with many squares printed on it, used for drawing graphs
Examples from the Corpus
graph paperSitting down with a slip of graph paper and jotting down a few ideas will help, you make sense of your thoughts.It takes a bit of time to learn to use these more specialized sorts of graph paper but it is worth the effort.Special types of graph paper can be useful in different circumstances.The use of graph paper makes accurate plotting possible - compare the tabulated results below and their plot in figure 14.This consisted of drawing on graph paper ten figures of slightly varying geometric size, made up of squares.Probability graph paper exists to show the extent to which a distribution deviates from the Gaussian shape.It is best to work out a pattern in advance and draw it out on same graph paper.