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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhistogramhis‧to‧gram /ˈhɪstəɡræm/ noun [countable] technical  HMa bar chart
Examples from the Corpus
histogramThe allocation of labour to activities can be plotted as a histogram which will invariably show peaks and troughs.The random haemoglobin A 1 value was a continuous variable, which was shown in a histogram to be approximately normally distributed.Thus, in favourable cases, amplitude histograms can permit a reliable analysis of quantal size.The amplitude histogram shown in Fig. 1 c scored 190 using this procedure.Figure 4C shows the results of these experiments as an histogram.The height of the first peak in the autocorrelation function was taken as the autocorrelation score for that histogram.The histogram shows the values for both mutant construction.From these histograms, a probability cut off point could be selected to maximise the proportions of correctly predicted successes and failures.