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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmathematicianmath‧e‧ma‧ti‧cian /ˌmæθəməˈtɪʃən/ noun [countable]  BOHMsomeone who studies or teaches mathematics, or is a specialist in mathematics
Examples from the Corpus
mathematicianAs a mathematician, Bertrand Russell pointed out that while there were two nuclear powers, only those two powers could quarrel.He was staring at her as though he was piecing together bits of her personality like a mathematician working on some equation.A.. Only to another mathematician.We teachers became mathematicians, seeing all these bloody points, but we lost track of the line.A brilliant mathematician and a natural-born bomb-maker.It may strike you as rather remarkable that this is possible, but the mathematicians assure us that it can be done.What these mathematicians had in common with most of those who worked in laboratories was that the majority were attached to universities.