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parallelparallel2 ●○○ AWL noun [countable]  1 LIKE/SIMILARa relationship or similarity between two things, especially things that exist or happen in different places or at different timesparallel with Entering the world of fine art, she found many parallels with the world of fashion.parallel between There are many parallels between Yeats and the Romantic poets. books that attempt to draw parallels between brains and computers2 in parallel with somebody/something3 have no parallel/be without parallel4 SGan imaginary line drawn on a map of the Earth, that is parallel to the equator the 38th parallel
Examples from the Corpus
parallelThe 42nd parallel is the northern border of Pennsylvania.There are certain parallels between the situation in Europe today and that which existed 90 years ago.Kakar finds parallels between the Hindi film and popular myths.On the home front some of the parallels are just as strong.The parallel with writing is clear.You might say there were parallels in my life.draw parallelsEarly twentieth-century sociologists also drew parallels between the workings of biological and social systems, some of which were extremely crude.John Mortimer made the presentation speech, drawing parallels between Dickens and Dostoevsky.